Day trading emotions

When the stock market is on an upward tear, day trading becomes popular. You sit in your basement, surrounded by terminals and tickers, searching for the latest bits of information, hoping to make a profit buying and selling based on what’s happening in this very instant.

It’s pretty tempting to day trade your emotions.

We’ve piped the voices of a billion people directly into our brains. The loudest, angriest, most frightened people are the ones that are amplified the most.

Everyone sharing what’s breaking. The visceral angst of this very moment, over and over.

Just as it’s almost impossible to make a profit as a day trader, it’s difficult to be happy when you day trade emotions. But there’s an alternative:

Buy and hold.

Stand for something.

Stick with it.

Long-term contributions matter. Today ends tonight and tomorrow starts again, but we only get one long-term life.

Add up the sum of our days and that’s who we are. We get what we repeat.

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