London advisory firm announces launch of £100m real estate fund

A new real estate fund targeting worldwide investment opportunities is being launched at the beginning of next month.

M Capital, a £100m real estate fund based in London, has been announced in collaboration with international real estate advisory firm Montague Property.

The fund will formally launch on June 1 2020 and will develop the market by providing equity and bridging finance for the development of both existing and new real estate projects.

In addition to providing finance to third parties, M Capital will also serve as the investment arm of Mayfair-based Montague Property.

Thomas Balashev, founder and CEO of M Capital, commented:“M Capital’s entire ethos is underpinned by experience and transparency.

“Our focus is on ensuring our investors gain access to the best investment opportunities possible, whilst enjoying the emotional reward that a successful property investment delivers.”

“We are proud to be offering a range of solutions to the market, including bridging finance. Many European markets for example lack the bridging finance facilities found in the UK.

“Without bridging finance, so many ambitious visions fail to materialise; we are therefore working to add value by providing capital and unlocking growth across these markets.”

Dylan Mitchell, COO of M Capital, added: “The versatile nature of the fund means we can not only take advantage of different opportunities as they arise, but also provides far greater flexibility during the time of COVID-19.

“Our combined connections with the leading estate agents and developers worldwide means access to, and the opportunity to take advantage of, the most exciting real estate development opportunities available worldwide.”

Mattias Sandvall, CIO of M Capital, said: “With markets starting to slowly move again, the launch of M Capital could not have come at a better time.

“Thomas, Dylan and myself have complementary skillsets, aligned core values and resourceful combined networks.

“The M Capital team, along with the founders, have considerable experience of profitable development projects as well as asset management.”

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