Man who lost family home in northern NSW bushfires wins the lottery

A Queensland man who lost his home in the recent northern NSW bushfires has been shocked to win $1 million in the lottery.

The man is from Mount Cotton, but lost his family home northern NSW during the bushfires last year.

He will now rebuild with the winnings from last night’s Gold Lotto draw.

“This is amazing,” he said when informed of his lucky win this morning.

“My family just lost their home in the bushfires in northern NSW and it wasn’t insured.”

The anonymous man was the only Division One winner, taking home all of the million-dollar prize.

“This is a miracle,” he said.

“This really has come at the most incredible time.

“All that was left of the home was a few charred teacups.”

The fires sweeping the nation have had devastating repercussions in more ways than expected. (9News)

The man bought the ticket online using his wife’s “special numbers”.

The numbers were 9, 42, 24, 13, 22 and 11 while the supplementary numbers were 26 and 1.

More than 500 homes have been lost in the bushfires over the last few weeks alone.

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