Today is the fifth anniversary of a certain escalator ride for a certain president. But the only president I want to talk about today is the only president who matters, Barstool President Dave Portnoy. Nothing but respect for MY El Presidente (see BARSTOOL PRESIDENT NAILS #BLACKOUTTUESDAY VIRTUE SIGNALERS: ‘YOU’RE DOING NOTHING!’ and ELON MUSK TRASHES POLITICIANS, URGES SHUTDOWN CRITIC DAVE PORTNOY TO RUN FOR OFFICE!). Portnoy has been causing trouble in the stock market by ignoring “the suits” and apparently making a lot of money doing so.


To be clear, there is a degree of schtick here. There is a long disclaimer that appears before each livestream. I’m also not You 100% should not invest ANY MONEY in anything without doing your own research and having the extra money to invest that you aren’t currently depending on. Good? Good.

Here’s why Davey Day Trader matters. Besides the few COVID months, the stock market is hitting record numbers. The Trump economy was/is booming. How many of you have smug leftist friends sharing memes on Facebook mocking rubes for celebrating the stock market … that they themselves aren’t invested in? In their leftist smugness, they aren’t wrong. Millionaires and billionaires who are invested are benefiting while some of you just share MAGA memes. You aren’t investing, but you should be. Invest and HOLD, which I say as someone who has been scared into selling twice by watching too much news.

Dave Portnoy could be the person who encourages you and other regular people to get involved in the market, whether it’s to try and make a quick buck or plan for something more long term. Plus the next time your leftist friend tries hitting you with the jive that the Trump economy isn’t working for the middle class, you can tell them to suck on deez middle class capital gains.

The economy should work for everybody, and it can. Again, do your own research and only play with money that you can afford to play with. But if more people are being encouraged to make more money, sign me up for the DDTG Index Fund.convinced he’s using all of his own money. Though I do want to try High Noon for some reason.

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